Motors and servo drives


Baumüller motors and servo drives

Baumüller offers a wide range of servo motors and servo drives. From linear drives and disc motors up to dynamic servo motors, servo drives and powerful High-Torque Motors.


DSD - Dynamic servo motors

DSD - Dynamic Motors

The six installation sizes for the DSD-range of Baumüller offer a suitable solution for almost every application in the automation. The servo motors for highly dynamic applications with the highest requirements of acceleration capacity and the best start-stop qualities.


DSD-IPG Three-Phase Synchronous Geared Motor

DSD 45-IPG Three-Phase Synchronous Geared Motor

The geared motor from Baumüller, the DSD-IPG, is distinguished by its high torque and excellent dynamic response qualities. Thanks to the integrated planetary gearing, the DSD IPG is ideal for high torque applications that require a high dynamic response.


DS/DA - General purpose servo motors

DS/DA - Motors

With a shaft height from 45 to 280 Baumüller offers the largest product range of synchronous and asynchronous motors. The servo motor for dynamic applications with highest requirements of energy efficiency.


DST Powerful high torque motors

DST High-Torque Motors

Baumüller offers the DST-range up to 13500 Nm torque and herewith provides the maximum dynamic in the direct drive technology. The high-torque synchronous motors for application with maximum torque requirements.


DSC - Compact servo motors

DSC - Compact Servo Motors

With its new DSC servo motors, Baumüller is making the torque motorservo-ready. This series focuses on improving ratings in order to achieve a higher torque density while also drastically reducing the volume of the device.


DSA - Three-phase current external-rotor motors

DSA - Three-phase current external-rotor motors

The Baumüller 12-pole external rotor synchronous motor features a very high torque density and outstanding constant speed characteristics.


BPx - Baumüller Planetary Gearing Range

BPx - Baumüller Planetary Gearing Range

In connection with our standard DS/DSD servo drives, the BPx – planetary gear range is optimally suitable for applications that require maximum standards of torque and dynamics.


Linear motors

+Linear motors

The know-how used to develop and manufacture rotary motors has been applied by Baumüller to linear motors.


Disc motors

Disc motors

The main strength of these motors are that they are small and compact. In its shortest design, motor type GDM 12 N, only 39,5 mm of axial space is required.


sizemaXX - Drive configuration made easy

sizemaXX - Software zur Antriebsdimensionierung

Baumüller developed a new software for drive dimensioning. The user can dimension up to six drives with sizemaXX.Users who are looking for new drives for their machines can access a helpful tool at, where sizemaXX is available in the download are



Energy efficient drive systems

Baumüller is placing increasing value on energy-efficient drives and the consideration of their lifecycle costs. Its servo motors and converters have for many years been rated as both meeting and exceeding the criteria of the highest efficiency class, EFF1.



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