Social Responsibility

Education, student internships, final dissertations

The next generation is the future of our company. That is why we are investing in the training and development of young people.We want to offer an opportunity for them to orient themselves through student internships. Get a taste for what this business is like and gain your first experiences with our projects. Our specialized departments greatly appreciate their interactions with students, which is why they also offer projects for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.Each year we allocate training positions for a technical and commercial education that can be completed in the entire corporate group. This lets you familiarize yourself with companies that have different key specialties from production to service and also offers the opportunity to gain experiences in various departments. We are certain that this will pave the way to your dream job.

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Baumüller supports schools

Technology that you can touch – students can’t get that in the classroom.

That is why Baumüller offers schools the opportunity to experience everyday work and technology on class trips, during introductory visits or student internships. This is a great way for students to learn about electrical drive technology, automation systems and their application areas. In the technical department of the Baumüller Academy, young visitors can see with their own eyes what is possible today with modern technology and how the consumer products that we are constantly surrounded by can be produced quickly and inexpensively.

Trial internship

During one- or several-week long internships, students can also get an introduction to the work in various occupational groups and departments. They can experience previously unknown professions up close, test familiar employment possibilities – and this makes it much easier to choose a career.

Promoting the next generation in technology

Baumüller is aware of how much the next generation means to the economic success of any company, which is why it promotes young people’s interest in technical jobs and the success of students during technical courses.

Technik macht Spass (“technology is fun”) foundation

The Gerda Stetter foundation “Technik macht Spass” receives financial support from Baumüller. The executive partner Andreas Baumüller is active as a member of the advisory board in this foundation, which aims to get children and adolescents excited about technology. The focus is on making technology enjoyable and having fun while learning about technical project work.

Master prize and study prize

Each year Baumüller awards the master and the study prize to outstanding students in the mechatronics course at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg. The study prize honors especially good performances within the first semester, while the master prize is an award for graduates at the end of their studies.

Girls’ Day

Girls don’t know anything about technology?

Guess again! Each year numerous girls from junior high schools and secondary schools in and around Nuremberg prove the opposite to us. On Girls’ Day, the girls have the opportunity to get an idea of routine work at Baumüller for a day. With this event, we want to offer girls the opportunity to get to know our company, the numerous products and especially the professional opportunities at Baumüller.

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Junior Management Program – JuMP

When it comes to training and advanced education, Baumüller’s motto is to challenge and support.

That is why Baumüller started the Junior Management Program (or JuMP) in October 2014. The goal of this program is to find young management talents internally and actively support them. Employees in the entire German-language area can be nominated for this program by their supervisors.

Eight persons were selected for participation in the most recent round. For two years, the participants will be instructed in workshops by external and internal trainers on the topics of management, leadership and communication. A particular advantage is the network that the participants can establish through their new contacts across all departments in the entire corporate group. In addition to the workshops, the acquired knowledge and the multi-layered experiences of the group flow into a strategic marketing project that is completed at the end of the program.

Art in the cafeteria

Since 2002, Baumüller offers artists from the Nuremberg region the opportunity of exhibiting their works in the company’s cafeteria. It allows employees and external parties interested in art to visit art in an industrial environment. The exhibition opens up the company to the outside world and deliberately exercises responsibility in a social context.

“Successful studies are the foundation for a successful career. Baumüller has always supported educational fields with an orientation towards the engineering sciences. Well-educated engineers are the pillars of our company. Since the Baumüller headquarters continue to be in Germany, the support of the local generation here is especially important to us – to the benefit of Germany as an economic center.
That is why Baumüller supports the Internet portal, which provides students important information relating to their education and provides an exchange forum with companies.”

Cross Mentoring in der Metropolregion Nürnberg

Baumüller participates in the successful Cross Mentoring project, in which mentors and their mentees from various companies can meet. Mentors pass their experiences on to the young mentees. The main goals are the mediation of management expertise, support in the career development, regional contacts, etc. Mentors can share their longtime experience and profound knowledge while the mentees profit from the personal support, have an independent contact person outside the company and make valuable contacts. The program is accompanied by coaching units and courses. Baumüller has already successfully participated in the program with mentors and mentees.

Health management

As a medium-sized and family-run enterprise, Baumüller cares about the well-being and motivation of its employees. The goal is to offer all employees the opportunity to fully benefit from their potentials in various life stages and situations. The employees get support in achieving their harmonious work-life balance through flexible occupation and work-time models.
With projects such as health days with free check-ups, lectures on health topics and the participation in sports events, Baumüller wants to support its employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
That is why each year, motivated Baumüller teams compete at events such as the B2Run company race or the volleyball company cup of the club SV Schwaig.

Baumüller’s pension module

Baumüller contributes to the pension provision. With the Baumüller pension module, Baumüller offers its employees the opportunity to obtain an additional safeguard for the retirement age. The financially subsidized modules can be adapted to the personal situation according to need and requirements.
Because Baumüller wants to make sure its employees are well taken care of even later in life.