The product formats change quickly in the packaging industry. Additionally, the short change intervals and start-stop operation during the filling and sealing as well as punching and cutting place extremely heavy demands on the machines and their drives. Packaging machines require the highest control quality and dynamics along with a high power density – this makes it the ideal application area for Baumüller’s drive and automation systems.


  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability


Baumüller offers complete drive systems from IPC to HMI and from converter to regulator all the way to dynamic servo motors from one source. Fully wired control cabinets belong to the spectrum of services for the packaging industry just as much as well-engineered service concepts for:

  • Primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • End packaging

 Our drive electronics for the packaging industry:

Our motors for the packaging industry:

Our controls for the packaging industry:

Our services for the packaging industry:


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