AC synchronous motors DS2

Servo motors for all applications and high demands

The servo motor for all applications with the highest requirements for energy efficiency, such as in printing, packaging, textile and plastics machinery, material handling machinery, special machinery and general machine construction.

 ds2 sizes

icons cooling air waterThe DS2 main drives are available as air- and water-cooled model.


Technical data DS2

Subject to alterations. The stated data are maximum values.
For details please have a look in the technical documentations.



Motors 2016.04 DSD DSC DSP DS DA DST ETAη-Drive DSD-IPG BPx

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DS2 100-200 AC synchronous motors 2015.11 DS2 100-200

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Servo Drives for high power up to 315 kW 2016.04 b maXX 5000, b maXX 5500, servo motors DSP, DSD, DSC, DS, DST, DA

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