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Easily Getting From A To B ProMotion Corporate Magazine Issue 1/2016 - Almost every production requires handling, in this case it involves yoghurt Cups from an injection molding machine...

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The Agony Of Choice ProMotion Corporate Magazine Issue 1/2016 - Once upon a time there was a factory owner who manufactured metal parts for beautiful new cars in mechanical presses. And as the factory owner knew what he was doing, more and more car manufacturers want to buy body parts from him.

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The Mosquito And The Elephant – Networked Sensor Monitoring ProMotion Corporate Magazine Issue 1/2016 - One is tiny and inconspicuous while the other is frighteningly large and loud. A similarly unequal pair are the huge generator in a gas-fired power plant near the French border and the small sensor that will now monitor the generator’s function.

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The Factory Of The Future ProMotion Corporate Magazine Issue 1/2016 - Nürmont relocates Festo’s headquarters

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ProMotion 1/2016 The Baumüller Magazine

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