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Baumüller is integrating its components into the EPLAN data portal

Baumüller, the Nuremberg-based specialist for automatization, is integrating its converter family b maXX 5000 into the web-based EPLAN data portal. With all of the necessary data for over 40 products, Baumüller is thus enabling its customers to save time during the design phase. Additional products from the broad portfolio of the Baumüller drive technology will gradually be added.

bmaXX5000 5500The converter family b maXX 5000 from Baumüller includes modular devices, double and mono-axes and can be configured with integrated safety features

The Data Portal is an integrated, web-based data platform for provision of EPLAN compatible device data from market-leading component manufacturers for direct use in EPLAN software solutions. Designers can now access all necessary data about the Baumüller products in the system, from the dimensions to the final specifications and all other required information. This use generates significant time savings in the engineering process, since the user gets product data directly from the manufacturer that is ready for use.

The converter generation b maXX 5000 is the consistent enhancement of the successful b maXX series and impresses with its high-performance power units for air, water and cold plate cooling methods as well as flexible expandability and connectivity to a uniform communication concept.The series includes module systems and mono-axes and covers the power range from 1 to 315 kW. The devices are available with or without integrated safety features and are suitable both for standardized and for complex automation solutions. With these power attributes, the controller and converter are used in many industries.

Thanks to the data provided, the desigEPLAN Data Portal logo RGBBy integrating its components in the EPLAN Data Portal, Baumüller makes it possible for its customers to save a significant amount of time and increase the quality during the design stagen time for new machines as well as for machine versions is shortened considerably and the quality of the documentation is enhanced.  The system also ensures the data is up to date and the projects are much less prone to errors overall.

Over 150,000 engineers worldwide already use the EPLAN data portal, which includes around 700,000 component data units from more than 200 manufacturers.

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