Powerful permanent-field synchronous motors

Having proven itself for years as a powerMELA® drive solution in mobile drive technology, Baumüller has now integrated its permanent magnet synchronous motor into its b maXX 5000 controller concept. The motor is available in 80 and 140 kW power classes and, due to the Lorentz force, generates an additional reluctance torque in addition to electromagnetic torque. When used with the b maXX 5000, both torques — the electromagnetic and the reluctance torque — can be used, enabling optimized operation and high power density.



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  • Permanent-field synchronous motor with deeply-buried magnets
  • Optimized efficiency electric motor (up to 97%)
  • Integrated or external electronic
  • Robust construction (protection class up to IP6K9K)
  • Direct conductor cooling with insulation oil for the 80 kW and 140 kW versions
  • Water cooling for the 40 kW motor, oil cooling optional
  • Cooling with industry standard solutions
  • Field weakening up to 6000 rpm at constant power
  • High coolant inlet temperature up to 65°C

Product advantage:

  • Wide range of constant output due to use of field weakening
  • Mechanical protection of the magnets
  • Magnetic flux density
  • High power density
  • Direct conductor cooling
  • Compact design

Customer benefit:

  • Optimum adjustment to the load profile — high torque in the basic speed range and constant power at up to twice the basic speed
  • Long running life through robust construction
  • Excellent power output
  • Low weight, small installation footprint, easier integration into existing vehicle designs and tight spaces
  • Higher allowable coolant inlet temperature enables a smaller dimensioning of the heat exchanger



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