BAUDIS IoT – The Predictive Maintenance System

Reduced Costs.
More Efficiency.
Better predictability.

Improve the availability of your machines by predictive maintenance measurements and increase the operating times of your machines and systems. Big Data analysis regularly monitors the condition of your machines - regardless of the motor manufacturer and the sensors used.

The BAUDIS IoT Concept:

  • The motor status is monitored via sensors decentralized (e.g. Imbalance, motor current, bearing damage)
  • BAUDIS IoT box processes the sensor signals
  • BAUDIS IoT sends the data via LAN interface of the local Ethernet
  • The central analyzing PC evaluates the data and informs or warns if necessary
  • BAUDIS IoT is available in two different variants: As a remote version or a local version

BAUDIS IoT en web

Your advantage:

BAUDIS IoT is future-assured

  • System can be kept up-to-date for years
  • Software will be continuously updated

BAUDIS IoT is suitable for flexible use

  • The latest sensor technology can be purchased and connected easily (regardless of manufacturer)
  • The system can be adapted and extended to all actuators / motors

BAUDIS IoT is quickly integrable

  • The interface of already used information systems can be implemented via the analyzing PC
  • Existing infrastructure can be used


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