3- or multi-axis-handling

Short product cycles? Various workpieces? Save yourself long changeover times and customize your handling quickly and without programming to suit your particular requirements with our comprehensive set of visualization, control and drive technology. To realize handling units easily for loading and unloading of workpieces and finished products which are more flexible than ever.
Core of the system is the web-enabled visualization user interface which allows users a simple and quick start-up without programming and at all times flexible adjustments on the fly. The handling system is suitable as a retrofit solution for existing machines and can also be operated independently of the machine control.

A complete package, tailored to your needs - from a single source.

With its wide range of servo motors Baumüller offers the right option for each handling system. With the numerous inverters different performance parameters and functions can be selected.

3 achs handling

Even with the control you have a choice: We offer Box PCs with HMIs, safety controllers or controller PLCs. You can operate your handling on the central machine controller or alternatively as a separate stand-alone unit. With an extensive software kit, we can provide you with preprogrammed blocks for all major functions. That saves programming efforts and time.

A particular advantage is the Baumüller visualization software specifically developed for handling systems. When developing the user interface, our specialists have taken into account all user groups from the programmer to the machine operator. This intuitive and clear surface is even for non-technical users.


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Easily Getting From A To B ProMotion Corporate Magazine Issue 1/2016 - Almost every production requires handling, in this case it involves yoghurt Cups from an injection molding machine...

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