b maXX 4400

Power modules with five cooling concepts and seven frame sizes

Baumüller is setting new standards with b maXX, its new generation of servo controllers. This series of converters and controllers was developed to meet current and future automation technology requirements worldwide.

bm4000 sizes

Fieldbus systems

bm4000 fieldbus
*) in preparation


Technical data b maXX 4000ES air cooling

Supply voltage: 207–528 V ± 0% AC
Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Supply rated voltage: 400 V
DC link voltage: 540 V rated voltage
Chopping frequency: 2/4/8 kHz
Output voltage: 0–95% of supply voltage
Electronics supply: external 24 V DC (diagnostic capability)
Fan connection: frame sizes 1–3: 24 V DC; frame sizes 4–7: 230 V AC ± 10%
Certification: CE, CSA, UL

Height and depth without mounting brackets.
Depth including required bending radius of connecting cables .

1) for 1 second
2) dimensions of water-cooled version
*) in preparation

Subject to change



b maXX 2016.04 b maXX 5000, b maXX 4000, b maXX 3000, b maXX 2000, b maXX 1000, ProDrive

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