The story of the electrical ship propulsions started concurrent with the electrical drive engineering: In 1838 an electric motor with 220 W was built into a bucket wheel geared 8-meter boat for the first time. Nowadays electric motors are the focus of attention in the shipbuilding industry – especially in the form of hybrid drive concepts with diesel engines. Electrical direct drives are primarily interesting for the inland water transportation, tug boats or offshore vessels cause of their high torques at low speeds, the continuous high efficiency and the perfect ability to integrate.

Baumüller is an expert for industry- and customer-specific drive solutions for ship’s chandlers and offers a large portfolio of appropriate motors and converters for the shipbuilding industry. We provide a wide range of torque motors with a power level between 3 and 1200 kW and rated speed between 100 and 1500 mi-1 including appropriate controls, controllers and converters.

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Ship Propulsion Systems The Future of Efficient Ship Propulsion Systems

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