b maXX mobil

Drive system for mobile applications

Designed for four-quadrant operation, the b maXX mobil can brake in both directions and recover energy in addition to generating drive. For mobile use, the controller is vibration resistant and can be used in temperatures between -25 ° and + 65 ° Celsius. Communication takes place via CAN bus and digital inputs/outputs are additionally available.

The controller is used in battery-powered vehicles such as electric boats and forklift trucks as well as in many battery-powered industrial applications.

For example, the B maXX mobile is suitable for use as a wheel-hub drive with DSM disc motors, which excel thanks to their compact design, highly dynamic running characteristics and low maintenance requirements. Baumüller thus provides a space-saving and high-performance solution.

bmmobil sizes


Technical data b maXXmobil - with galvanic isolation

Technical data b maXXmobil - without galvanic isolation

x =^ Resolver = RES
   =^ Encoder = END
   =^ SINCOS 1 Vss = SIN

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