AC asynchronous motors DA

DA 100–280 (asynchronous) servo motors — the all-rounders

  • Excellent smooth running characteristics
  • Cage rotor design
  • Highly variable thanks to modular design
  • Large field-weakening range
  • Energy efficient due to high running efficiency
  • Robust and compact construction
  • High torque accuracy
  • Unventilated IP54, ventilated IP23, IP54
  • Water-cooled IP54
  • Encoder: resolver, SinCos encoder (optional)
  • All models are optionally available with a brake


icons cooling air waterThe DA main drives are available as air- and water-cooled model.


Technical data DA asynchronous servo motors

Subject to alterations. The stated data are maximum values.
For details please have a look in the technical documentations.



Motors 2017.11

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Servo Drives for high power up to 315 kW 2016.04 b maXX 5000, b maXX 5500, servo motors DSP, DSD, DSC, DS, DST, DA

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