Servo pump

Baumüller's servo pump combines the advantages of hydraulic power transmission with the benefits of electric servo drive technology.

The combination of drive control and the lower power consumption of the components, especially in the partial-load range, creates a highly energy-efficient yet cost-effective solution that can give your machines a decisive competitive advantage.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Significant reduction of energy consumption
  • Excellent control properties and repeatability
  • Minimum reaction time at high and low pressure
  • Noise reduction by up to 20 dB (A)
  • Integrated control in the converter for compensation of hydraulic non-linearities
  • Servo control increases the level of freedom in machine design
  • Significantly better efficiency than a controlled asynchronous motor with a variable displacement pump

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Application areas:

Sheet processing machines

  • Punching machines
  • Nibbling machines
  • Notching machines
  • Sheet shears
  • Sheet processing machines in general


  • Hydraulic presses
  • Peripheral equipment for mechanical presses
  • Press feeding systems
  • Press safety systems
  • Trimming presses

Plastics machinery

  • Injection molding machines
  • Blow molding machines

Cutting machine tools

  • Machining centers
  • Lathes
  • Honing machines
  • Grinding machines

General machine construction

  • Wire processing machines
  • Shoemaking machines
  • Wood processing machines


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